Axis Security
" Why not use the cloud to provide better user experience, better visibility, control, and security? This conversation was the spark that launched what would become Axis Security. "
Dor Knafo
Co-Founder and CEO

Accelerating the world’s transition to a modern workplace through secure connectivity

Axis Security is the developer of a cloud security platform intended to provide secure access to business applications.

Driven by the dissolving of the network perimeter, digital enterprises face a massive challenge protecting themselves from increasing cybersecurity threats.

Successful cybersecurity companies have already emerged to replace perimeter-based models. Axis Security follows a zero-trust model, in which users are “authenticated, authorised, and continuously monitored” in order to gain access to their enterprise tools and data sources.

This model is ideal in today’s work-from-anywhere environment. The enterprise solution is agentless and can thus be deployed without the need to install software into the users’ physical devices to operate.

In the era of hybrid working, where employees require secure and seamless access to their data and applications, Axis Security is helping organisations empower their teams with the aid of a cloud-based security platform designed for business software use.

Organisations rely on Axis Security to monitor all user activity at scale to ensure connections across locations remain safe from intruders and insider threats.

“Axis Security is accelerating work-from-anywhere, partner collaboration, and digital transformations with a simple managed cloud solution for access, security, and control,” said Dor Knafo, Co-Founder and CEO of Axis Security. “We are reinventing access to be faster, simpler, and more secure because legacy solutions can’t deliver what businesses need today.”

Founded in 2018, Axis Security is headquartered in San Mateo, California and operates a research and development centre in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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