" Over the years I have learned that it's people that make things happen, it’s people that take on problems and it’s people that create solutions to those problems. "
CEO and Founder

Providing the best AI-powered e-commerce capabilities to consumers while setting a higher standard of trust

Mocha has developed AI/ML-powered technology that enables frictionless commerce for mobile users by presenting superior discovery recommendations at the edge to protect user data from leaving the device.

The company has developed its own keyboard called ‘Keemoji’ which it licenses or whitelabels for large organisations, with material user or follower populations, such as telecom carriers, member organisations and even highly influential individuals.

Its technology generates affiliate marketing and commerce recommendations and earn compensation from affiliated retailers and commerce operators, in addition to providing valuable data on user actions and behaviour which will be used to improve the user experience over time.

“We founded Mocha with a vision to set a new and higher standard of trust for conducting commerce online by leveraging proven AI technologies to provide effective commerce experiences,” the CEO says.

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