" I wanted to apply my know-how in cybersecurity, research, product and managing talented R&D teams to create innovative solutions that will truly solve the problem, end-to-end.” "
Natali Tshuva
Ceo & Co-founder

Autonomous real-time protection against cyberattacks on internet of things devices

Sternum is the developer of an endpoint cybersecurity platform designed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The platform utilises binary instrumentation to offer real-time on-device security and visibility for any IoT device. This provides device manufacturers autonomous protection against threats – even without internet connection – through both source and third-party code.

In recent years, cyberattacks against IoT devices have become more sophisticated, common and at higher cost and damage to enterprise. The gap in device protection has left IoT devices with significant vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risk.

Sternum’s solution is agnostic of the operating system, prevents threats in real-time, in distributed environments, even when the device is no longer connected, and protects and manages both source code and third part code. All of this, at market-leading overheads. 

Sternum aims to deliver a “unified and powerful” platform for protecting all IoT devices. The company offers two key solutions: Embedded Integrity Verification (EIV) technology and the Analytics & Detection System (ADS). These solutions provide device-level protection and visibility in the medical, smart city, and critical infrastructure industries among others.

Sternum was founded in 2018 by a team of highly experienced research, development, and business leaders, many coming from the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) elite 8200 unit.

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