Top Israeli Startups 2020: Most Promising Logistics and E-Commerce Companies

In a world thrown into chaos by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the startups featured in this list are doing their best to keep the world economy on the rails, offering innovation to match the magnitude of the crisis. The logistics and e-commerce companies we selected together with a committee of expert entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors, offer solutions to states, organizations, and individuals who found themsleves scrambling to cope with the realities of widespread closures, crippled services and the need to be apart. Earlier this month, customer analytics startup Glassbox Digital UK Ltd. announced it had raised $40 million in a series C funding round. Glassbox develops a service that collects data and provides companies with analytics and insights pertaining to customer behavior across digital platforms and mobile applications. Glassbox’s system is designed to optimize web and mobile customer experiences, identify information technology (IT) performance issues, and direct real-time customer support.